Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Christmas Crafts for Kids

With the holiday season soon upon us, it’s time to think about some fun crafts you can do with your children in preparation of Christmas.  My kids love doing holiday crafts, and I’m sure yours will too!  It has always been challenging to find age-appropriate crafts that all of the children will enjoy making.  My children each have a few years between them, so we have amassed quite a collection of crafts and craft ideas.  Here are a few suggestions you can use.  Consider it an early Christmas gift from me to you!

Bead garlands are one of my all-time favorite crafts.  They are fun to make, extremely colorful, and great for children of all ages.  You will need some string or plastic cord, a whole lot of beads, some scissors, and some glue.  Cut the string or cord to the desired length, and thread it through the first bead.  Tie a knot around that bead, and add some glue to keep it secure.  Now add the rest of your beads.  When you reach the end, tie the string off on the last bead and add some more glue.  Now that was fun, wasn’t it?

Pine cone ornaments have also become classics in our Christmas craft repertoire.  They are appropriate for children of any age, and keep very well in storage.  You will need to spend some time collecting the pine cones.  We collect them when we are out walking the dog.  We simply paint them with silver or gold paint, and cover them with glitter.  Let them dry somewhere safe, and tie them to your tree with a piece of ribbon.  Are you getting in the holiday spirit, yet?

Bell ornaments are also a lot of fun to make, and they will last for years to come.  We feel that small terra cotta pots are the best to use.  Have the children paint the pot green, and allow it to dry.  Once the pot is completely dry, attach fake jewels or beads to it with glitter glue.  Then thread a small bell with some ribbon, and pull the ribbon up through the hole in the pot.  Tie a knot in the ribbon so the bell stays secure, and add any other final touches you might like.  I am sure your kids will love these crafts as much as mine do!  Have a wonderful holiday, all!