Friday, November 15, 2019

Feng Shui Basics

Feng shui is a term that means “wind-water”. There are many versions of Feng shui that you can learn from all kinds of classes whether online or in a traditional class.

The basis of Feng shui is that it allows you to achieve harmony with your surroundings and the environment. This is achieved through arranging your space, planning your agriculture, and more commonly, arranging the furniture and decorations of your home.

Feng shui has been practiced for over 4000 years in China but only in the last couple decades has it really taken off in the rest of the world.

The belief is that everything has energy and everything in your home or office can either help you accomplish your goals or even hinder them.

Feng shui teaches you to understand the energy that is in everything from your body to pretty much anything that exists. By understanding this energy, you gain the insight to arrange your home or office to help you reach any goals that you set by increasing the good energy and eliminating the bad energy.

Feng shui uses two main tools. There is the Ba-Gua and the compass. The Ba-Gua is a map that contains the symbols of the I Ching upon which feng shui originated.

The Ba-Gua consists of 8 specialized areas, what they represent, and the color scheme that is best suited to them. This is to increase the flow of good energy throughout the entire area.

Feng shui is known to have many ways to improve a person’s life. This is what makes it so popular. The promise of well being, increasing your chance to meet your goals, and improving your overall health is something everyone wants.