Thursday, November 14, 2019

Plasma TV technology

By now most people will have heard of the plasma screen and how it works. But there are some facts that may surprise you.

For example, did you know that a plasma screen if showing a bright picture - perhaps a football match - will use more power than if you are watching a darker screen - such as a night scenes in a movie?

Most of today’s plasma screens can be set to a certain ‘mode’. ‘Shop’ mode uses twice as much power as when the set is set to ‘home’ mode. Make sure your dealer works this out for you before you take the set home.

The newer generation of plasma screens are estimated to last about twenty seven years of ‘normal’ viewing. After this they are probably still watchable but will not be as bright and clear as they were originally.

The picture quality of the plasma screen is due largely to the contrast between light and dark colors.

Some industry players quote the difference as twenty thousand to one although it would be hard for the human eye to notice if it was anything else.

These screens also show a truer ‘black’ than their predecessors because of the technology being used.

However, the brightness and sharpness of the image is very pleasing and makes this a ‘must have’ in a lot of homes today.

One word of caution though. Brightness settings should never be elevated to its highest level. This will significantly shorten the lifespan of your monitor.