Friday, November 15, 2019

Why Feng Shui Gardens are Designed the Way they are

Tell me what you have in your house and I will tell you if you follow the Feng Shui.

Since there are more than one continents, there are two philosophies of thinking. There’s the oriental way as well as the occidental one. Both of them are extremely different.

When you think of the western thinking, one name comes to mind: Tim the tool man Taylor. Not so much as raw power but in the way that the north American and those that prone our way of thinking, usually the landscape is not destroyed but modified to fit our way of life better. Aesthetics is the main theme. So remember that the |occidental garden will always look really nice but with the help of artificial materials.

So because the Orientals are upside down from us, it’s not a shock that they do the exact opposite of us. The colors in the gardens are usually more natural. Therefore, it’s no wonder that they feel more intimate. It’s funny in a way because the way they work doing Feng shui is the exact way they conduct business in the real world. Same thing can be said about the westerners. In other words, be patient if you want to negotiate with the Orientals or if you want to have an Oriental Feng shui set-up.

So if you ever come across a Feng shui garden and wonder if it’s Oriental or Occidental, try and see if it feels calm and natural or hard and flashy.

Another characteristic of western gardens is the use of geometry. You will also notice that there gardens change shape depending in which era they are being built. With the Orientals, they will be happy with what they have. They sort of just add to what they already have or as they would simply call it extension. That is why the gardens always look the ‘same’. Try to see if you can find this in the oriental gardens (geometry) in the world, but don’t hold your breath.

If you ever have the great chance of seeing for real both kinds of gardens, you will see the huge differences between the two. The westerners will usually want to protect their creating by putting walls around them; the Orientals will let it go the way they built it. You will see how much Orientals work with nature rather then modifying it. If they find a mountain or a river then they are happy and start from there.

Also a Feng shui garden will be perfect for any couple as it also works with the yin and the yang. Also please remember that even if you live in an apartment, you can still benefit or enjoy a Feng shui garden. For example a plant placed at the right way and if surrounded by things that is close to their original environments will work even better.