Monday, December 30, 2019

High Adventure on Your Yacht

It is not uncommon for a yacht trip to be exciting. To take a cruise around the Mediterranean or the Caribbean and enjoy exotic cities, cuisine such as you never have known before and a nightlife that never ends may be the ultimate of luxury and pleasure for many yachters. But there is a breed of yachting enthusiast who like the crew who must climb tall mountains that are as dangerous as they are beautiful, they must use their yachts to find high adventure.

There is no question that a well made yacht is the perfect way to approach finding an adventure of a lifetime. By definition, adventure is going out there "without a rope" and finding excitement where it can be found. That means that unlike those who stay in charter waters, you will use your yachting adventure to seek new places to explore, to find danger where it does not want to be found and to have excitement that only life threatening adventures can give.

A typical high adventure yacht outing would be to sail around the outback of Australia where the untamed lands and peoples are not used to seeing such a vessel and may not be friendly to your arrival. Because you do have the relative safety of the yacht, you can pick and choose when to go ashore for some hunting or exploring. Your objective is twofold which is to get around the entire continent and to stop and explore every day. To make the journey even more exciting, only take provisions for a few days of a journey that will take weeks. That means you must find food on shore in hostile environs which pits you against nature for survival.

Perhaps less dangerous but just as exciting is a deep sea fishing adventure. There are ocean fishing charters that are pretty safe and virtually family friendly and which go to tried and true fishing spots near shore. But to take your yacht many days out to sea to stalk the great fish of the deep knowing that the fish may win the battle is achieving that goal of any extreme sporting enthusiasts which is to find the edge of any sport and an edge that may mean danger for sure.

Similarly diving in unexplored waters can be thrilling and risky all at once. With your trusty crew above, perhaps you might go treasure hunting to find lost booty in sunken pirate ships off the coast of Africa. Lowering yourself to these depths means you are in places where anything can happen to you. You don’t know what kind of beasts might lurch out from those dark places in that sunken ship or what other dangers might trap you beneath the waters. But your spirit of adventure means you will face those dangers if nothing more than the sheer sport of it.

Another kind of adventure seeker may use their yacht to maneuver them as close to an untamed forest, mountain range or beach to venture out to camp and explore. The very act of mapping and finding your way in a dense setting like this adds risk because if you get lost, there are no cell phone towers to help you find your way out. Knowing that is the level of danger you are in is just the adrenaline rush high adventure seekers love.

This is the kind of adventure that owning a yacht and putting extra care into the reliability and durability of that yacht is crucial. You may not be able to find a charter group that will provide a yacht and crew to take you on an adventure where the entire party and the yacht itself may not return from. So you can start months or years ahead of your great adventure to prepare your yacht to be as tough as you in rough seas and equipped with sophisticated equipment for communications and logistics so that yacht is your lifeline to rescue if such a thing is needed. This is not the kind of yachting for the faint of heart or stomach. But when it comes to this kind of adventure, without a great yacht, you will never have that one in a lifetime experience.