Saturday, January 25, 2020

Ergonomic Office Chairs

For all working professionals across globe workplace is the home away from home. They spent several hours a day glued to their chairs working. During a normal course of day at work an employee has to deal with several issues both physical and cognitive. These issues build a lot of stress upon an individual. In such a fatigued and stressed out situation it becomes tough for an employee to deliver his or her best at work. With a number of indispensable issues an employee may be dragged into several directions at the same time.

While cognitive issues can not be totally eliminated, physical environment if paid attention can drastically contribute to reduction of fatigue and stress at the work place. The equipments we work with, the desks we make use of and the postures we take through the course of the day all affect the human body. Research has proved that continuous high stress levels may lead to several problems. Backache, pain in hands, wrists etc are just a few to name.

Everyone has to sit for at least a few hours at his or her chair while working. During this span his or her body might take different postures. He or she might sit stiff for a few minutes then take a relaxed posture for next few minutes and might fold ones legs later. Postures change according to the cognitive state of a human being. When alert and attentive one might sit straight and upright for sometime but sitting in the same position for long might lead to ache in back and spinal cord. On the other hand if one continues to sit in a relaxed position for several hours he or she may become lethargic. Too much fatigue and monotony at work place may make one fold legs and sit for several hours thereby making the work environment to casual to work.

A chair plays a pivotal role at workplace. Ergonomic experts have devised “Ergonomic Office Chairs” especially for the work place. These are highly flexible and adjustable chairs that could fit a variety of postures and human body structures. These ergonomic chairs for workplace are available in many designs but they all are designed keeping comfort at first place. Since, these chairs are somewhat mechanical those who buy the same must first train their employees about how to use the same. Ergonomic chairs have an adjustable height. Most of them have a liver that could be used for adjustment chairs height.

They also have a long and flexible back that provides support to the spinal cord while working. These chairs also have adjustable side arm rests that can be set according to ones comfort for resting ones arms while free. Ergonomic chairs are built keeping in mind the comfort that is required by human body while working for long hours. They tend to reduce workplace fatigue and stress thereby increasing the performance levels and efficiency of employees. Human resource department of every organization must make an investment in ergonomic office chairs as it would help them reduce the unnecessary expense incurred due to workplace illness.