Sunday, January 12, 2020

Girls on a Yacht

For some reason when we think of luxury yachting, the image of Mr. and Mrs. Howell from Gilligan's Island living an extravagant lifestyle comes to mind. But yacht charter companies can tell you that more and more the conventional stereotype of people who are enjoying even a very luxurious yacht is changing dramatically. The popularity of taking a yacht out in some exotic location like Greece, the Mediterranean or the Gulf Coast is growing so fast that groups are taking them out and sharing both the costs and the fun of the adventure.

One innovative approach is to book an all girls yacht excursion to one of these exotic locations and tailor it around a boat for you, your sisters or cousins and friends. You would be able to put together an ample budget with everybody being involved and by chartering a luxury yacht, you can cruise in style and enjoy all the freedom and excitement of a wonderful vacation and some safety in that you can secure the ship.

Many modern charters are starting to offer all girls yacht charters and you can find packages that will also offer a female skipper and crew to provide for all your needs, including security. While someone in the group might balk not keeping a sexy deck boy on board, you will have plenty of chances to flirt when you get to the beautiful destination ports such as the French Riviera or Greece. And you can go on shore and have the kind of romantic adventures they make movies about and then go out to sea with the girls to have a slumber party to tell each other all about them.

If you decide to use the resources of an all girls yacht to discover a new part of the world, your ability to get to and explore new locations every day may change the way you view traveling forever. A trip to Southern Europe can have an entirely different feel when a Yacht is your hotel, your restaurants and your means of transpiration as well. And because you may wish to see many of the ancient cities that are a short distance from the shore, you can plan many sightseeing trips from port, enjoy the history of some of the oldest cities in the world and be onboard the yacht by dinner time ready to cruise to the next destination.

The great thing about yachting that all of the girls will love is the mobility. Unlike booking rooms in a luxury resort, you can be off the shore of a different country virtually every morning when you wake up. And if there is any situation where every gal on board can be pampered in a way that makes you feel like a "princess", a luxury yacht can do the trick. Because you can customize your crew when you plan a fully staffed charter yachting adventure, if you want you can include a masseuse or any other specialized luxury you and the girls want to enjoy and share.

As in any all girls situation, when you get out to sea, the dress code can be just as relaxed as you want it to be. So if you get far enough from civilization and the deck is for sunbathing, you can really get a good tan without concern about prying eyes. And there can be no better description of luxury than to go from an afternoon of drinking wine and sunning to a gourmet feast prepared so all the girls can give in to their pleasures which is what vacation and true enjoyment is all about.

There is such a huge variety of things that can be done on a week long yacht trip that you will want to use the anticipation time before the outing for the girls to pool their requests and come up with an agenda. From swimming in the Ocean to cruising for whale watching to finding a remote beach only for you to enjoy to dancing all night in one of the great European or South American hot spots, you can mix high adventure with natural beauty with a sophisticated night life. There will literally be something for everyone and everyone will experience new thrills when you get a group of best friends together to discover the world aboard a charter luxury yacht.