Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Maglev: The Future of Trains

With high cost of gasoline and congested airports, we know for a fact that traveling today is expensive. Airfare has skyrocketed ever since oil prices went up and airlines are also implementing new fees to cope with the high oil price. Because of this, people are now looking for another way to travel. Today, scientists are now researching new kinds of trains that can be almost as fast as airplanes but a lot cheaper.

The Maglev trains are now being researched and developed all over the world to provide cheap and fast way to travel for people. In fact, Maglev is now being used in some countries, such as China as part of their public transportation system.

Maglev is a type of train that will change the way you think how trains work. Although Maglev trains have tracks, the cars itself will not touch the tracks. In fact, Maglev trains don’t even have any wheels. So, how does this type of train travel if it has no wheels?

Basically, the principle behind this is to use magnets to propel the train. This technology takes advantage of magnets to achieve lift and motion. Basically, Maglev stands for magnetic levitation. The Maglev trains used today can go as fast as 450 kilometers an hour. This means that in less than 8 minutes, you will be able to go 30 kilometers. Imagine having this kind of technology to get you to travel from Los Angeles to New York? Although it will be a bit slower than air travel, it will still be able to get you to your destination at a very fast rate.

Maglev trains use magnetic polarization in order to achieve lift for the train cars as well as to achieve motion. Because the train itself is not on the tracks or is not touching the tracks, it will take away friction caused by gravity. This means that it will be able to go a lot faster. Also, it means safer travel as it will reduce the incident of metal fatigue or track and wheel failure.

Because the train will glide through the air using electromagnets as cushion, you will have a far smoother ride than you will ever get on conventional trains.

In China, the fare to ride on Maglev is quite cheap. Depending on your destination, it can cost you a little bit over US$10.00. As you can see, Maglev will definitely change the way we see trains today. With this technology, it won't be long until we see Maglev trains cruising from state to state in the US.

In fact, there are already plans of using Maglev trains that will take people from one city to another in one state.

So, if you see Maglev trains cruising at a very high speed in your state, then don’t be surprised if it becomes very popular among a lot of people. With this kind of transportation, you will be able to get fast, cheap, and reliable way of traveling.

Maglev trains are definitely the future of traveling. Many countries are now taking a look at this technology as the answer to high oil prices and declining economy. With trains like this, you can be sure that traveling will be cheaper and a lot faster than ever before. And, because this technology is now available today, it's only a matter of time that we will be able to see Maglev trains cruising around our cities.