Thursday, January 23, 2020

Highway Guide: Southern Maine

US Route 1 is a very special place south of Portland, Maine. It is special everywhere, but exceptional here.

Route 1 from Portland south is almost completely covered by white sand beaches; there are several beautiful State Parks: Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth, Crescent Beach State Park just below Cape Elizabeth and Ferry Beach State Park in Saco, not to mention the incredible beaches of Cape Porpoise, Wells, York and Kittery.

Eastern Maine is noted for its rocky coastline, where the surf crashes against the rocks, sending spray into the cold Maine air. Central Coastal Maine is noted for its beautiful bays and ports, where sailboats wait in port for the next wind; but southern Maine is known for its beautiful beaches and high-priced real estate.

The Bush family’s ancestral fortress is here in Kennebunkport and it is possible to see the huge compound from Route 1. You can’t get there from here, but you can see it. Coastal Route 1 and A1A is slow traveling, but it is a hoot to see some on the mansions, smell the sea roses and the salt in the air.

In Old Orchard, there is an unwritten law that you have to walk the boardwalk, have your fortune told and ride one of the rickety rides before dipping your feet into water that never sees 35 degrees!

Any clam or lobster roll is bound to be overpriced but absolutely delicious and there is a Maine guarantee that you will have sand in your underwear for at least three months!