Sunday, January 12, 2020

Types of Fireworks

Ever since fireworks were invented by the Chinese, there have been a multitude of varieties created by pyrotechnics experts throughout the years. In fact, when you visit a big fireworks specialty store, you might feel like a kid left in a toy store because of all the assortments of fireworks that you may find there.

Below are some of the most common fireworks that you can usually find in the market.

1. Firecrackers - this is the earliest type of firework created by the Chinese. It is basically a fused black powder packed in a tube. When lit, it produces loud noise.

2. Sparkler - as its name suggests, fireworks of this kind create a sparkling effect when lit. They burn brightly for a long time and give off sparks of light.

3. Cake - is a type of firework which produces different sound and visual effects.

4. Fountain - a type of firework which shoots up sparks several meters into the air.

5. Waterfalls - are probably one of the most fantastic types of fireworks out there. They are suspended and held by a rope and when lit, produce a big wall of light that resembles a waterfall.

6. Roman candle - a smaller version of the cake, the roman candle shoots up balls of light in succession. A group of roman candles is called a battery and a fan-shaped one is called a bouquet.

7. Aerial shell - is another popular type of firework. The shell is shot in the air and bursts mid-flight. Patterns of colors are then created.