Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Highway Guide: US Route 1

It begins in Fort Kent, Maine and ends at Key West, Florida, a total of 2,390 miles, and is the most easterly continuous highway of the Federal Highway System - US Route 1.

US Route 1 was designated as a national highway in 1926, with parts renumbered from other routes, and is the most visually diverse highway in the country.

In less than 2,400 miles, a driver can go from below zero temperatures and snow, to cherry blossoms in Washington DC to swimming in 78 degree water in South Miami Beach to visiting Hemingway’s favorite hangouts in Key West.

If one were to drive continuously, they could make the trip in 34 hours. Imagine going from a freezing cold, windy Maine winter to a Florida Keys beach chair comfortably, while never leaving the ground!

It seems impossible to believe that a person can go from a jeans, turtleneck shirt, winter coat, mittens and boots to a bathing suit in just a few hours, but air travel was created for just that reason.

Packing a bag to go to Florida from Maine in the winter means packing light; packing to go from Florida to Maine in January means just the opposite.

Who needs LL Bean boots when you live in Florida? You only need them if you are traveling by car, via US Route 1 and might want to sample the trails along the way north.

There are many opportunities along the way to get off onto some hiking trails and enjoys areas of the country that others ride by in the cars.

Don’t be afraid to get off the beaten trail and explore!