Sunday, January 19, 2020

Why Yachting is Better than Disneyland

When the time comes around for a family vacation, there can be some argument on where everybody wants to go. And if you have young children, the united appeal will often be to go to a theme park which for many adults is a huge waste of money and vacation time as well. For adults particularly, a real vacation can be had by chartering a yacht in some exciting part of the world and seeing the sights from the deck of your own seafaring boat with an attentive crew waiting for every whim you may wish to have fulfilled.

To resolve the conflict on where to go for vacation, it helps if you can discuss openly with the kids why yachting is a lot better than Disneyland and build some real excitement about the trip, or at least enough curiosity for them to be willing to stop yelling to see Goofy and Mickey and turn their eyes to the sea like mom and dads are already.

You may not want to say this directly to the kids but the real reason taking a yacht adventure onto the high seas is naturally going to be a superior vacation to a theme park is that everything in a theme park is manufactured. You never have a real adventure. Every ride, every sight, every video and every character you meet is fictional, fabricated and designed to make you have the sensation of an adventure without really having one. To the kids meeting that Mickey Mouse character on the streets of Disneyland is a big thrill while mom and dad know that there is an actor inside that poorly designed Mickey Mouse suit who is just doing a nine to five job to pay the bills.

Instead of downplaying the theme park, emphasize that when the kids join you on a real yacht adventure, there is no telling what might happen. The adventures they will have are absolutely real. They will be living out a "Pirates of the Caribbean" by being onboard their own little pirate ship actually in the Caribbean rather than pretending to have that adventure. The man who is guiding that boat may not be Johnnie Depp but he is a real life ship's captain who can take you to some of the most amazing adventures of your life.

Out on the open sea, your family can have very real adventures face to face with nature. If you spend a week or so and you get away from shore routinely, you almost certainly will see large fish crest the waves and perform magnificent dives. Your children will be able to look down into the depths off the edge of the yacht and see stingrays, marlin and maybe even sharks swim in the crystal clear waters of the seas you will be navigating on your family yacht vacation.

But it isn't all just sightseeing out there on the open waters. The kids can enjoy jumping from the boat into the waters and play in the open sea perhaps even encountering some of the creatures of the deep as they swim. Gentle dolphins may decide to play with them as they frolic in waters that none of their friends are experiencing. If dad decides a deep sea fishing adventure should be part of the plan, the captain can bring fish finder technology and be sure you bring in a bumper crop of deep sea bounty that your chef can then prepare for dinner that night for the freshest fish dinner possible caught by the family on their very own yacht.

The fun of having a crew to pamper every member of the family will not be lost on the children. They will love having a crew there to clean up after them, provide the foods and beverages they like and a skipper who is more than happy to turn that yacht on a dime and head to a new destination if that is the whim of the family. In fact, they may become so pampered by the experience of a full family yachting vacation that you may never be able to talk them into going to Disneyland again. And won't that be a relief.