Thursday, February 27, 2020

Customer Service And First Impressions

Customers make instant impressions of a business from the moment they walk in. A messy and disorganized store/business can leave a bad impression.

If you are a food establishment, the cleanliness of your location is the primary way in which your customer makes their impression.

Even if they can’t see the kitchen, even if the kitchen is spotless, a messy dining area, serving area, and even the bathroom can set the stage for complete dissatisfaction. In fact many have walked out of a restaurant based on the cleanliness of the restroom (washroom).

Making sure your location is up to a general standard at minimum is important to your customer and to your business.

When a customer sees the stores is busy or under renovations, they are more understanding of the ‘disorderly’ chaos they see.

Yet, if they enter to see a group of employee’s chit chatting when tables need to be cleared, the floors need to be washed, or a customer is waiting for their bill, it’s a really bad stage for business failure.

There are reasons why those businesses who are booming are growing so well. They understand that customer service, cleanliness, and friendly staff make the experience one to return to.

Those companies who have failed missed one of those criteria if not more and the customers eventually go elsewhere. In order to ensure the ultimate customer experience, address their satisfaction, from their entrance to their exit.