Sunday, February 9, 2020

Feng Shui In Cubicle

A great deal of our lives is spent at work so it can be very beneficial to have a positively energized work environment. If your office has been properly set up to take advantage of the energies of feng shui, you can get a higher rate of productivity as well as improve relations with coworkers and management. You might even find you enjoy going to work.

Seating is very important in feng shui. If you are sitting facing a wall, this is a symbol of a barrier to improvement. Some steps to take to improve your Chi in this situation are to hang up a picture of scenery on the wall.

A painting of a mountain or phoenix is recommended but they shouldn't have water anywhere in the picture. Feng shui recommends that your back be to the wall. If your back is to a door, this is considered very bad luck.

Clutter should be avoided whenever possible. By keeping your desk clear and tidy, you can become much more efficient and there will be much more positive energy in your workspace.

If you sit at your desk and have sharp edges pointing toward you, this is the worst thing possible. If it's the edge of a wall, try to move to a different location.

If it's corners of office equipment or anything that can be moved, by all means: keep every edge or corner pointing anywhere but at you. Edges send harmful sharp chi in your direction and nothing good comes from that.