Monday, February 24, 2020

Oregon Microbrews

To get the most out of a visit to Oregon, you'll need to try a local craft beer. Even if you don't like to drink craft beer, it's something you should at least experience. If you are new to microbrews, you should know that just because the beer is a microbrew, it doesn't mean that you'll need a knife and fork to drink it. All over the state, you'll find several different microbreweries that offer everything you could ever want.

All mass produced American style lagers have set a rather disappointing standard for the beer drinkers of the country. These beers can only be as good as their ingredients. Instead of the fine grains such as barley and wheat, corn and rice are often used as cheaper replacements. In place of the whole kiln hops, the bigger breweries rely on small pellets of compressed hop dust.

Throughout the state of Oregon, there are more than 50 breweries that provide both locals and visitors with many alternatives to drinking. The microbrewed craft will rely on tradition, using the more expensive ingredients in place of money saving shortcuts. The implication here, is that these types of beer are normally bitter or overly sweet.

Anytime you visit an unfamiliar brewpub, there is a great way to sample a variety of brews without having to buy a whole pint. Several pubs offer a sampler tray with five to seven two ounce beers, often labeled to avoid any type of confusion.

Throughout Oregon, microbrews are very popular, in the pubs and on the street. You can find many different varieties, more than you can find in other states. If you don't live in Oregon, and youget the chance to visit, you shouldn't hesitate to check out some of the excellent microbrews.