Friday, February 14, 2020

The Monogram

Monograms have been used for many years as signatures for many things, but gained the most popularity and use in the early 20th century. In the 1920's and 1930's the monogram was in the height of fashion and the classiest gentlemen and ladies had theirs on their most fashionable pieces. The classic monograms most people will recognize are monogrammed towels or the always classic monogrammed piece of jewelry. A monogram is made from two or more overlapping letters to form a symbol or design. The most recognizable would be the first, middle, and last initials of ones name.

Monograms on gravestones were very popular not more than 200 years ago and are now being used for history buffs looking for information about their ancestors. A family monogram was especially popular with the Irish and many families had their own unique monogram designed to separate them from others.

In modern times the monogram is still used in many ways, usually for an artful twist on something not so exciting to begin with. A monogrammed towel is probably the most popular use for this artful design. Each year brides and grooms decide on what their new towels will look like and what they will put for a monogram if so desired. Traditionally the husband's initials are put on the towels; some couples though like to have a set made with both the husband and the wife's initials. These towels are primarily for decoration and are not usually used in daily household activities.

Monogrammed jewelry is also very popular. A simple sterling silver bracelet with a young woman's initials engraved in it is a very nice and sentimental gift. Many times a gift like this is given for a special occasion such as a 16th birthday, or graduation presents. Sterling silver is one of the best metals to put a monogram on because it is soft metal, much more than gold, the engraving process works the best on a soft material such as this. A monogrammed bracelet is something which can be treasured for many years.

A monogram can be found almost any where; you just have to look closely. High end cars such as Cadillac will oftentimes have their company monogram sewn into the leather seats or as part of their hood ornament. The Bentley car company is also known for its very high end monogrammed "B" insignia. Many couture fashion designers use their monogram in their collections. Louis Vuitton is the most recognizable with most of their pieces made from leather or fabric with the company's signature LV monogram. Gucci, Fendi, and Chanel are just a few other designers who have followed with the monogram trend and have had their yearly profits soar with these design campaigns.

Monograms will always be an elegant and timeless way to adorn a special keepsake. A monogram has endless possibilities and is truly unique to the owner. They are something that will be always changing with births, marriages, and life. See how you can be creative and make some memories for you and your family.