Saturday, March 7, 2020

Cruise Ship Manners

Within the next few moments you will be out on a cruise, thus sailing away from your daily monotonous routine at long last! Are you alone really? You may find it difficult to believe that no definite answer will come from anyone. True, your family or friends are not accompanying you in that cruise ship but you become one of a temporary community there. You get many companions there who are also to board to relax in a holiday mood. Are we sure we have included everyone we need in that cruising community? No, since you cannot spare time for cooking or washing dishes during the cruise you must include the ship staff in that. Surely, during your interactions on the ship you cannot ignore the common rules of decency.

Cruises smile if travelers smile

It is quite normal for you to tip the restaurant waiters or hotel maids. It is not absurd if you meet them on the cruise and you need not change habits only because you are in the midst of a sea or ocean. No doubt, you are on the cruise after making full payment, still think that if you were in the position of the staff, would you not have welcome the tip as goodwill token? No denying the truth that they do more than just serve food or clean your rooms since smiles and warm behavior adds value to your cruise and some appreciation from you they may expect.

Ships are machines but not those on board

Fortunately enough, the fellow passengers are not to be tipped! But every cruiser can play a role to make the general atmosphere on the cruise pleasant enough. Cutting in line or gossiping during a theatrical performance is examples of nagging behavior while there may be other forms of less glaring defiant attitude that you should not resort to. For example, why not stick to dining dress code that does not offend you? If for any reason you have to choose casual dress you can go to the ship's informal restaurant or room service help you can take. Remember, some co-passengers may feel hurt at your dress outside the code and none but you can relieve them somehow or other.

Vacation is long awaited: make it golden

Although it is important to follow guideline, the importance of relaxation should not be lost sight of. Even if you do not suffer from agoraphobia you may find it difficult to adjust yourself on a boat with hundreds others. You can gauge the uneasiness of the other cruisers to whom you are one of the other people as they are to you. Friendly words and polite smiles to each other can help all enjoy the holidays in a relaxed mood.