Saturday, April 25, 2020

Bingo Patterns

Bingo patterns are a crucial part of online bingo games. The whole aim of the game is to match all the randomly called numbers in a given pattern on your card. Bingo patterns range from simple horizontal or diagonal patterns to more complex patterns in assorted shapes or pictures. These patterns are generally shown in the right hand side of most games. Players need to keep an eye on their cards to see if they bingo on the pattern.

Players need to pay attention to the bingo pattern. To win bingo, only the numbers that form the pattern are needed. Some bingo patterns are a lot easier to win bingo on than others. Others may be more challenging to win, as the layout is not as easy to see from watching the bingo board. Players need to keep track of the number called, however in online bingo games the numbers are called for the players.

There are endless possible bingo patterns, just as there are endless possible number combinations! All bingo patterns include a middle block, which is treated as a bonus number. The most widely used and recognized are simple line bingo patterns and blackout or coverall bingo patterns.

Straight line bingo patterns are simpler to bingo on as they can be only in either a horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction. For example, players would need to have all the numbers in their 'B' row if the pattern was a horizontal pattern.

The blackout or coverall bingo pattern has higher stakes, as players have to get every number on their card to win. This bingo pattern is often played in high rollers or high level rooms.

Many online bingo games have featured patterns that tie in to current themes or promotions. These are fun for players, but they are more of a challenge to win! these. At Bingodrome the patterns change every week. These include multi letter patterns (that spell out words), and a variety of pictures ranging from handbags to peanut butter jars, depending on the current promotion. Bingodrome has a unique promotion theme that ties patterns in to current events or holidays. Additional bingo patterns include outside square bingo patterns, which are large square patterns in which players need to get all numbers in the 'B' and 'O' rows, as well as the top and bottom rows to win bingo. Similarly, inside square patterns are won by getting all the numbers in the 'I', 'N' and 'G' rows around the free space on the card. A roving kite bingo pattern is won by getting three numbers diagonally to the left and right sides in a 3 x 3 diamond formation.

In most games, all a player needs to do to win is get all the numbers in the bingo pattern. In Jackpot games, which are usually a separate pattern that stays the same every game, players need to win bingo within a certain number of balls. If a player manages to win in the amount of balls specified, they win the Jackpot. Jackpots are often progressive, which means the prize amount rolls over if it is not won.