Thursday, April 30, 2020

Plasma faults

Although the price of plasma televisions has dropped significantly over the past few years it is still a somewhat expensive buy. With this in mind care should be taken when choosing a set. There are poorer quality sets on offer and one might be tempted to save cash but at the expense of quality.

Some cheaper sets have fewer picture controls than their more expensive counterparts. Whereas on the more expensive sets you can adjust the picture color to your exact taste, the cheaper sets have a bluish caste whilst others had a 'washed out' look.

One pointer to look out for is the HDMI input. This means that audio and video can be input on a single cable and cuts out the clutter of trailing wires - don't you just hate that? Cheaper models may not have this.

Although extremely thin - usually no more than four inches - plasma TVs are still relatively heavy and will probably need a technician to hang them on the wall - or ceiling mount them. Surely this is not the job for the amateur do-it-yourself merchant who could end up with a very expensive mistake in pieces on the floor!

The temptation to buy a huge screen is overwhelming especially when confronted by the superb displays at the store. However, note that sitting distances from the screen are recommended by the manufacturer. The ideal distance is about 10 to 14 feet for the 42 inch models but of course it is up to personal taste.