Thursday, April 9, 2020

Scoring through NCAA Men's and Women's Basketball

There are a lot of rules set out for scoring. And according to the newly baptized rules and interpretations, there are 7 articles involving the scoring within the period of the game. It is divided into two categories: men and women's division.

Although the point system is the same with the two, some instances require special attention. It will be discussed further. The following articles are intended for scoring.

Article 1

It is stated that if any shot is taken within the three-point line, it shall be counted as two points. However the shot was made, if the ball is tapped, directed, or thrown.

Article 2

Any shot that was made beyond or on the three-point line shall be counted as three-points. Now, if any shot was made in the opponent's field basket, it will be counted as two points regardless the point of area it was released. In the scorebook, a shot like this will not be credited to the player but will be written as a footnote.

Article 3

The moment an official has found out to permit a team that leads them to a wrong direction, all activities made and the consumed time will be counted as if there were no improper directions made. This will only be accepted if the mistake is discovered and that person is an official who have recognized the error. After errors have been made into considerations, the game will resume and teams will go back in their proper directions.

Article 4

There will be no influence whatsoever of the game clock to goal counting.

Article 5

When doubt arises whether a single score made within the period of the shot-clock or if a player tries to contact for a goal and it met the flange or ring, activities before the start of the next live ball will be canceled. Exceptions of fouls (flagrant technical, flagrant personal, intentional technical, intentional personal, or a direct technical) will be advised and additional time that is corrected will be included to the clock of the game.

Article 6

When a goal was made from a free-throw, it will be accounted for the player to made the free-throw and to the team he is in. One successful free-throw will be credited as one point.

Article 7

This is for the women's category only. If before a goal, a foul was made by player-control, this particular goal will be dismissed.

Article 8

Points will be awarded for the shooting player/team if infractions for goaltending or interference of the basket are done by the team defending the ring.

That is all there is when it comes to the rules of scoring in the NCAA. A team will be recognized as the winning team if they scored more than their opponent the moment the game ends. But reviews will be done when cases arise.

In cases of games being interrupted due to situations that are beyond the expectations and control of the entire committee and coordinator including the teams, the game will be continued from the point it was interrupted. Otherwise involved teams will agree on a decision or there are particular rules to settle it.

The committee handling the entire season will not entertain or recognize any protests done by any team. Meaning, decisions made are final.