Saturday, May 9, 2020

La Jolla Village

The Village of La Jolla is the vacation showcase of La Jolla. The village offers postcard type beauty, with elegant homes, lush real estate, resorts, luxurious hotels, and even the best in intimate bed and breakfast lodging. The La Jolla Village is the gateway entrance to some of the most amazing beaches San Diego has to offer.

The village consists of a 30 block downtown La Jolla area that's home to over 1,400 businesses that are fully committed to vacation pleasure to the over 7,000 people that visit the village each and every day.

In the village you'll find all the conveniences that grace the shores, such as world class shopping and quaint boutique shops. Upscale restaurants, intimate cafes, museums, art galleries, and attractions such as the Birch Aquarium can be found here as well.

The La Jolla Playhouse is in the village as well. It has earned over 200 awards, including the 1993 Tony for outstanding regional theater. The Playhouse is a creative haven that attracts more then 150,000 theater enthusiasts each year.

Most visitors to the La Jolla Village like to walk the shoreline around Scripps Park and soak up the perfect weather and majestic views of the oceanfront panorama. If romantic tranquility is what you seek, late afternoon and early evening strolls are less crowded and at dusk you can catch some of the most stunning sunsets.

The beaches of La Jolla are the biggest tourist attractions here. All you need to do is choose your style of water recreation and relaxation. Swimming, surfing, bodysurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, sun bathing, or just watching others swim. Make sure you arrive early to avoid the crowds, then stay late to catch the beauty of the moonlit skies.

La Jolla Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle of La Jolla is an area that's intersected by three major freeways - I-5, I-805, and State 52. The Triangle lies east of La Jolla Village and ten minutes north of downtown San Diego.

The established residential community blossomed into a financial triad of high rise office buildings, full service hotels, shopping, and plenty of restaurants.

The Golden Triangle also offers the business traveler and vacationer all they need within a self contained area of business, retail, shopping, hotels, dining, and boutiques. The Golden Triangle is also located close to the oceanfront beach area of the village and all the vacation attractions that San Diego has to offer.