Thursday, June 25, 2020

Custom LASIK

What if you went in for brain surgery and the doctor told you they weren’t going to do what was best for you, but what seemed to work best for MOST people?  Would you be concerned?  Do you think this type of surgery would be safe for your future or the doctor’s career?  I didn’t think so, now there is something to correct this problem, a new procedure called custom LASIK.

Custom LASIK uses three dimensional images of your eyes and how they accept light to determine the best route for your surgery.  This procedure called custom LASIK using wave-front technology is more precise than any pair of glasses, contacts, or even other LASIK procedures.

By using a few simple computer-generated tests to analyze the way your eye refracts light, the computer determines the best course of action.  The fact that this custom LASIK uses the three dimensional image particular to the patient, the chance for an uneven or poorly constructed flap over the cornea is reduced.

There are more hoops for you to jump through if you are going to be a patient in custom LASIK surgery:
- You must be qualified by the FDA based on your eye condition before receiving custom LASIK.
- Your doctor will present your choices regarding extra costs for your custom LASIK.
- Your doctor will determine if your eye’s condition is such that custom LASIK presents the best result.

What are the advantages of custom LASIK?
- Better chance of 20/20 vision or better.
- Reduced chance of night vision disturbances or glaring.
- Reduced chance of losing visual quality or contrast sensitivity.

Studies show that despite the cost of custom LASIK, more people are opting for this procedure than regular LASIK.  However, it is important to discuss with your doctor what is correctable before the surgery.  Even though custom LASIK is the most efficient form of LASIK it does not correct any type of eye problem at this time.