Saturday, July 4, 2020

Custom Made Four Poster Beds

Four poster beds are usually 78" high, but can be custom made by the manufacturer if you have got some atypical conditions in you house. The bits and pieces of a four poster bed will go through normal doorways, and if you can get the mattress up the stairs and into the room where you want to place your four poster bed, then the rest of the bed will go up even easier.

Four posters shipped or delivered?

Nearly all four poster shops will deliver and assemble the beds for a tiny fee. But you can also get it shipped directly to your door. A four poster bed is generally broken down into sensible sized components for flat packing to keep the shipping costs low.

Four poster panels and polish.

If you like you can polish your four poster bed from natural to dark in all timbers. Although pine does not look too good if it is stained too dark. And further more if you like different panels with different posts you can mix the beds to create the style you like.

Single or King size four poster.

If you need a specific size four poster bed, it is possible to get the beds in any size and have the mattresses custom made as well. So even tall people should have no problem getting a bed that fits them. If you are in a situation where you only want a single four poster bed, that is possible too. The price as a rule is around two thirds of the cost of a king size four poster. In contrast it sounds costly, but it is not quite half of the material costs and the joints are the equal to a full size four poster bed.