Saturday, August 29, 2020

Group legal plans

Group legal plans in the workplace have experienced rapid growth recently because of their usefulness to both employer and employee alike.

For the employee, a group legal plan is a cheap way to get legal coverage in much the same way as other traditional benefits. For as little as $20 per month deducted from payroll, an employee is put in touch with an attorney who can draft his will, buy or refinance a home, adopt a child and plan an estate. Unlimited legal advice is offered at no cost to the employee.

The benefits for the employer include increased efficiency and productivity from their workforce, and reduced administration costs to handle personal matters. Another very attractive benefit is the very low cost involved in researching and implementing a group legal plan. In fact, such plans cost employers very little in terms of time and investment.

Group plans are structured on a voluntary basis, paid for through payroll deductions from the workforce. Additionally, the carrier handles all the claims, redundant paperwork and customer service related to the plan.