Saturday, August 29, 2020

Visiting Alaska - The Domain of Mother Nature

Make no mistake, the northern most state in the United States is the domain of Mother Nature. While there are pockets of civilization in Anchorage, Juneau and a few other spots, the vast majority of Alaska is untamed. With the exception of Siberia, this makes it one of the last great open spaces on our planets.

For pure beauty, it is hard to beat Alaska. Once you hit the open spaces, your appreciation of nature cannot help but increase dramatically. From soaring mountain ranges to wide open spaces that seem to go on forever, the state is candy for the eye. A trip to the areas with glaciers can be dangerous as mosquitoes tend to fly into your mouth since it is open in wonder all of the time. Unfortunately, the glacier areas are receding in many places do to increased temperatures on our planet, which means you should go sooner than later.

One of the best ways to experience Alaska is to undertake a fly in adventure. Fly in trips put you in very remote areas, ones that can only be accessed by plane. You can fly in for fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, rock climbing and skiing trips to mention only a few. Regardless of your choice, you will develop a new respect for the world around you after the plane has been gone for a couple days. It is truly amazing to think what the original explorers must have gone through. 

An excellent way to experience Alaska is to take a ferry up and down the coast. The views in the bays are amazing. Of particular interest are areas where the glaciers are calving into the bays. If at all possible, you should rent kayaks and paddle up to them. The glistening ice and size of the glaciers is simply stunning.

When visiting Alaska, it is vitally important that you bring a good camera with lots of film or data storage for digital models. Inevitably, you will start clicking off pictures at an amazing rate.