Saturday, August 15, 2020

What You Need to Connect to Wi-Fi Hotspots

Most modern laptops, mobile phones and PDAs are Wi-Fi enabled which makes them easier to use in Wi-Fi hotspots without modifying the software and hardware of their gadget. But for those that are not equipped with the needed tools to connect to a hotspot, here are some things that they should have in order to do so.

1. Wireless adapter

- this is the primary requirement in being able to connect to a hotspot. The wireless adapter is the one that transmits data to and from the computer. Again, most modern laptops are equipped with this. But for those without an adapter, they can buy a wireless card or even a USB adapter as an add-on.

2. Have the same IEEE802.11 protocol as the hotspot

- IEEE802.11 is a standard used by Wi-Fi. Under this are different protocols that address specific wireless networking needs such as speed and range. Although modern wireless adapters are backward compatible, meaning they can handle new as well as old protocols, older ones may have problems connecting to hotspots using a protocol different from what they use.

Therefore one has to make sure that either his/her laptop is compatible to the one used by the hotspot, or get a laptop that supports different protocols to connect to different hotspots easily.

3. A good location in order to connect to a hotspot

- one also has to be within the hotspot's range. The rule of thumb when connecting to a hotspot is that the closer one is to the source, the better. Laptops usually indicate the signal strength so finding a good range should be easy.