Monday, September 14, 2020

Disc Quality

The high demand and dramatic increase in CD media, plus the competitive pressures to squeeze out every possible cost and improve the profit margins have given rise to many manufacturers of CD related media. To help reduce the costs of increasing capacity, many of these firms have relocated their old manufacturing lines and hired staff that learn on the job.

The biggest problems with CDs occurs when discs are produced using older equipment then end up failing when you try to use them. Luckily, most of these types will fail when you first try to record on them. There is however, a likelihood that the disc will complete a burn and the media won't play at all.

The agony of taking your photo or video treasures and putting them on CD or DVD and then deleting them from your camera or computer only to realize that the copy is corrupted is far too much to risk. The brand name company's such as Verbatim choose to guard their reputation for quality and durability by using only advanced recording dye and other types of technology to produce high speed discs.

The stability of the recording dye is very critical as heat, humidity, oxygen, and even UV light can degrade the dye. Verbatim research has also proven there is a strong correlation between the production and bonding processes of disc quality.

For data and personal pictures that are important, you should always buy quality CD media. Then, before you go ahead and delete the source file, trying playing the disc back to ensure that it copied correctly. This way, you won't have to worry about losing your precious files and photos when you remove the source from your computer.