Friday, September 25, 2020

Fun Family Reunion Activities

Sure family reunions are great for historical purposes and helps your family stay very close but there might be a problem. What the heck is everyone going to do for hours together?

Sure you can eat and talk but how much time can that really kill? You will need to plan some activities! Activities can be fun for almost everyone depending on what
you want to do. You should have activities that are fun for the entire family and also special activities to help keep the children busy and under control.

So, what are some good all-inclusive activities? Well, most people's problem with these is that they try way too hard on them. The best activities are very simple ones. Sports and games are two of the easiest things to organize and very fun for a lot of family members.

Depending on the size of your family, you could do anything from volleyball to softball and anything in between. If your family is very athletic, you could hold a mini family Olympics complete with ribbons and awards.

Children can get bored easily at family reunions. Teenagers will most likely wander around playing their gameboys or complaining but the younger ones definitely need entertainment. If you are going to be at a park, a great thing to consider is a giant bouncy house or slide. You can usually rent these by the hour and the rental place will set them up and take them down for you. Kids love these and they help burn off a lot of energy.

Children's games or tables for coloring are also great ideas. Sack races and other fun stuff can really give children a memory that will last a lifetime.