Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Skydiving Myths

There are quite a few myths that are associated with skydiving, so we'll take a look at a few of them and see what the truth is about them. This way you don't have to worry about what is true and what is really a myth.

1. You can't breathe while skydiving

This is one of the biggest myths. But the truth is that if people didn't breathe while you were skydiving, they wouldn't be able to open their parachute, since they would lose consciousness.

2. You can talk while skydiving

This myth has been made popular because of all those movies. But it's nearly impossible to hear anything because of the rushing of the wind. But that's why there are hand signals, because people can't hear anything.

3. If you don't have a parachute, holding on to someone who does will help you.

Although this has happened sometimes, it's nearly impossible. Don't think that it will save you because it usually doesn't happen.

4. You free fall for as long as five minutes

The truth is that you would have to go up to at least 60,000 feet in order to fall for that long before opening your chute. For the typical jump, you only free fall for about 40 seconds before you open it.

5. The chute isn't going to open

This is one of the biggest fears that people have, but the truth is that the parachutes today are fitted so that they are practically failsafe. Most of the injuries and deaths that are associated with skydiving are because of mistaking judgment and not being prepared.