Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Blessed Virgin Mary: Monograms and Images

The image of the Blessed Virgin Mary appears in many churches. Being a key figure in the history of religion, one can easily find a stained glass decoration of her. Church windows are adorned with the image of baby Jesus' mother. Some pictures also show her cradling baby Jesus in her arms. Monograms of the Blessed Virgin Mary can be found on the windows of churches.

The Blessed Virgin Mary monogram is shaped like an M. Sometimes the monogram has a crown on the top that shows the royal bloodline of baby Jesus. The M monogram also appears with the symbol for the Holy Family. It sits beside a cross and a carpenter tool. This symbol represents the embodiment of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Besides Blessed Virgin Mary monograms, there are also other objects that she appears on. Statues of the Virgin Mary can usually be found around various churches and religious areas. These are usually crafted out of wood, although there are many statues sculpted out of stone. Even ceramic miniature versions can be found in households as well as churches.

Medallions are also decorated with the Blessed Virgin Mary monogram. Inscriptions on the edge of the medal can be found encircling the image in the middle. Other figureheads of Christianity can be found on medallions as well.

There is even a Miraculous Medal, or the Medal of the Immaculate Conception. It is said that the Blessed Virgin Mary herself appeared in a chapel and told faithful believers to spread her image with medallions. Many people felt greatly blessed when they received these medals. It felt like a great honor to wear the monogram or the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Other objects hold the monogram of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Seals with the monogram of the Blessed Virgin Mary have been constructed for special use. These seals can have her monogram, her image or a combination of both.

Many artists have interpreted their own vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Although religious artwork doesn't allow for a lot of artistic creativity, different pieces of art can be found. These can range from the standard Virgin Mary with a halo around her head to a more abstract art featuring dark skin.

Jewelry can also be customized to have the monogram or image of the Blessed Virgin Mary engraved. Pendants can be crafted to show the face of the Virgin Mary. Necklaces and bracelets can also have a simple picture of the Virgin Mary hanging off a pendulum.

There are also strange items which hold the image of the Virgin Mary. A grilled cheese sandwich supposedly carried the face of the Virgin Mary. The creator noticed its likeness to the Virgin Mary after taking a bite. This holy sandwich was famously purchased by an online casino company.

Whether it's exquisite jewelry or burnt toast, the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary is quite prominent in everyday life. It's no surprise either, as the Virgin Mary is a key figure in Christianity.