Saturday, October 17, 2020

What to Do During a Recession

Setting up an emergency fund will be very useful especially when there is a recession. This will enable you to survive several months without worrying if you still have money to buy stuff especially when there is a slowdown.

But when it hits you, cleaning up your balance sheet is just one way to survive the financial crisis. To help you along, here are a few other ideas which you may find useful.

In 2008, the unemployment rate grew by 6.1%, its highest level in 5 years. The last time it hit this mark was in 2003 as the economy was still recovering from the 2000-2001 recession. These job cuts happened in the airline, travel, retail and service industry just to name a few. If you happen to work in one of these industries, you should probably consider a career shift to an occupation that is more stable even if it means going back to school.

Going to school is not an option if you are raising a family. The next best thing to do will be take an extra job. Just make sure that the time you spend here does not affect your primary job otherwise, you could lose it.

Most Americans have invested in the stock market and if you are one of them, don't panic and think about selling it just because things are down. You have to remember that a recession is cyclical so your portfolio will recover in the future. You just have to be patient because it is going to take several months before everything is back to normal.

But if you do have the money, now is the best time to buy stocks and bonds. Why? Because these are relatively cheap and you can cash it in when the economy is back on track.

Apart from going back to school and getting a second job, perhaps you can use your skills and then offer this as a service to others. If you like to cook, make some pastries and then sell these to potential stores. If you are good with your hands, maybe you can help repair leaks should your neighbor have a problem with their plumbing.

If you own an SUV, trade it in for a small vehicle because you get better mileage with a smaller car. If you have the money, see if you can get one that is a hybrid because apart from consuming less gas, you get tax breaks for investing in alternative forms of energy.

When you go to the grocery, only buy the essentials. Resist the urge to buy things that the kids want. If you can't say no, try to get a similar brand that is just as good as what they want.

Lastly, we all have bills to pay monthly. If possible, switch to better and more affordable services because each penny counts during these dire times.

There are other ways to survive a recession apart from those mentioned. By following these tips and getting advice from a financial planner, you are sure to wither out this storm. Until that day comes, you shouldn't live in fear but rather make the most of it because this isn't the first time that you will face a recession and it surely won't be the last.