Saturday, November 21, 2020

Good Places to have Family Reunions

The location for a family reunion is very important. You can hold it indoors or outdoors and on your family's property or public property. You need to make sure that the entire family or at least a majority agree with the location.

If half of your family are into extreme sports and the other half consider church exciting, it can be very hard to compromise and you may end up having to have everyone vote on a choice of different places.

A family home or something very memorable to everyone is always a good idea and doesn't require reservations or permits.

Tourist destinations are great for family reunions. This includes theme parks, beaches, resorts, or even a nice hotel with something fun nearby.

Many of these places will offer a great discount if you tell them you are setting up a family reunion there.

Disneyland for example has special packages designed for this sort of thing. The best time to visit tourist destinations is during the off season. Instead of setting up a family reunion for June, try May. There will be a lot less people there and rates may be a lot cheaper.

If you decide to rent either a park, church, or other public facility, make sure to plan as far in advance as possible.

Some places may require some type of permit if your family is very large and others may need a security deposit as well. National parks aren't very expensive if your family loves the outdoors and you could even turn it into a big camp-out if everyone is willing.