Friday, November 13, 2020

Unconventional Birthdays

Though commonly known to celebrate the wonderful day we came into existence, it is not the only reason we celebrate birthdays. There are lots of unconventional birthdays that are celebrated throughout the world. Actually, the number of reasons to celebrate unconventional birthdays is infinite.

People use the term -Birthday- to describe milestones in their lives. The term is also used to mark important beginnings or ends in a person's life.

Recovery group's use the term Birthday to mark the day a person has entered into the 12-step recovery program and quit drug or alcohol abuse.

This day is marked every year with a -birthday chip-, a token to remind you of the hard work done to get through that year and the long road still ahead of you.

Another term using birthday is -Birthday Suit-. There is almost no need for explanation, but for those few who don't know what a birthday suit is, it is the wearing of nothing. On the day of your birth, you came out of the womb naked therefore being in your -birthday suit- you are naked.

The term birthday can also be used for when something is created. Typically the year, month and date are used when describing the birthday of an entity. Businesses often have a birthday to celebrate. That is usually the day the company was created.

So not only do we as people celebrate the day we were brought into this world, but we like to celebrate the day of creation for the world around us.