Sunday, February 21, 2021

Customer Service Woes

Regardless of what you do in life, at some point you will have had to offer a customer service of some form, if you haven't had to offer it, you will have at some point been a customer. Customer service expectations are high. Even the smaller companies need to maintain a high quality of customer service if they want to keep their business going. Nothing destroys a business faster than a bad customer experience.

Customer surveys are conducted often to ensure their customers are satisfied. Mystery shoppers enter your business and will judge it for the customer service, among other things.

Customers have voiced their opinions on what they feel is not good customer service. Some of the things people have complained about were;

1.Representative does not acknowledge them politely upon entering their store/restaurant.

2.Representative doesn't smile or offer service in a pleasant manner. A mono tone or scowl on the face can really put your customers off.

3.Representative is not informed. A representative who does not know what they are talking about can really frustrate a customer.

4.Representative does not thank them for their patronage.

A few simple facts to consider; if you do not feel welcome or appreciated in the store/restaurant you've attended, chances are you will not return and you will not suggest this location to others.

Keep in mind, the service you would want if it was you is what your customer deserves.