Friday, March 5, 2021

Refusal To Breast Feed

Sometimes, a baby that is breast fed may suddenly decide to refuse breast feeding. The baby will pull away from the breast, then toss his head from side to side. This can happen at anytime, so there really is no way to predict it happening.

Reasons why

Refusal to feed from the breast could occur when the baby is in pain. Normally, this can be due to an ear infection, sore head from vacuum delivery, thrush in the baby's mouth, or teething.

The use of dummies, teats or nipple shields may also contribute to refusal. Some babies actually find it difficult to feed from the breast and bottle as the sucking action is very different. Some become confused, therefore it's always best to avoid using any type of teats or dummies.

Sometimes, the milk just takes bitter. This can be due to antibiotics, if you starting or in the middle of your period, or nipple creams. If the milk tastes bitter, your baby will normally not want to feed.

Solving the problems

First, you should always try to identify what may have caused the breast refusal then begin to treat the cause. Always remain patient and gentle with your baby. Be sure to hold your baby next to you, skin to skin, so that he can take the breast when he wants to, so that he begins to realize that breast feeding is both enjoyable and comfortable.

Older babies may suddenly take shorter and fewer breast feeds, although this can be normal with some babies. Therefore, it's always best not to try and make the baby feed longer, but instead let the baby decide how often and also how long each individual feeding will last.