Friday, March 5, 2021

The Two Shades of Timeshare Properties

As investing is to most people, timeshares are seemingly risky and expensive. But for some people, it may be one of the best ideas in business. It is a great way to enjoy VIP accommodations each year in your preferred vacation spot. But then, for those who love to travel and are skimpy with their cash, investing on timeshares may not be a very good idea. Yet how can one find out if he/she is either of the two types of people I described? Let's look at timeshare's pros and cons.


If your family is the type who adores only one place, say Paris, and you prefer it as your main vacation spot in those long-awaited holidays, then you can definitely benefit from a timeshare property. These simply make it easy for you to find five-star accommodations every year without even attempting to look over some lengthy brochures and stand hours on end on those rather dull tours. Not only that, you can practically "share" your unit with friends or relatives when they feel that they need a vacation too but not necessarily at the same timeframe as yours.

And what's great is that some properties come with package deals that have different rooms for the client. There are one bedroom apartments, three bedroom homes with a balcony, etcetera. I may even fill up the whole page just by listing all the options down. So to speak, timeshares are simply the perfect way to find a second home when you're spending a vacation.

Lastly, a signature feature of these kinds of units is that they are personalized. If you love to get room service or you want to host some BBQ parties, timeshare companies have all the options for you. They make it a point that your every need or want is fulfilled and with your satisfaction fully guaranteed.


If you're not the type who prefers only one destination year after year, preferring to savor in the cultures of different countries dotted around the world, sad to say that timeshare properties won't exactly fit your lifestyle. You may swap these units with other families, but it's likely that the location won't fancy you that much.

There is also the huge problem of hidden costs and astronomical maintenance fees in timeshare properties. Whether it's just mowing the lawn, or fixing that broken window the previous owner made, it just going to take a substantial part of your income and let it fly out of your pocket. Make sure that you bring along some extra cash with you on vacation. You may never know if your maintenance fees could substantially weigh more than the initial costs of the property.


Even if I had put out all the pros and cons of timeshares here, it is important that you shouldn't forget about doing your research on these if you do consider investing in them. These are very versatile assets than may be used for your pleasure or for extra profit. Make sure to find one that fits your personality and lifestyle to get the most out if it. Also, watch out for those extra services that may come your way if you invest on them. Those VIP accommodations may punch your bank account hard enough you may go home from vacation a little earlier than expected. All in all, with all these done, I wish that you'll find the perfect timeshare property for you.