Sunday, May 30, 2021

Adventure Trails In Northern Ontario

When you think of natural resources in all their glory and splendor, you think Northern Ontario. Canada's best kept secret, Northern Ontario is one hell of a joy ride. If you've got the adventure bug, sniff out your choice of adventure trails traipsing through this region and get ready to go on the most exciting trip of your life. Trust us, outdoor adventures have just got better.

From paddling down meandering rivers in canoes, walking down endless trails in magnificent forests of white pine to going on your ATV dirt bike for a whirl or spinning a ghostly yarn around a campfire - Northern Ontario is the place to be.

For the adventurous at heart, the sky is truly the limit here. When it comes to adventure trails, hiking in Northern Ontario is the most common activity that adventure enthusiasts take up. What better way to begin than to start of your hike at Ontario's rooftop, the magnificent Ishpatino ridge, situated in Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Wilderness Park? If day hikes are a piece of cake for you, then night vision hikes organized by the Canadian Ecological Center in Mattawa are the next trails you should explore.

The Algonquin Provincial Park is a veritable treasure trove for adventure seekers and offers 7,725 square kilometers worth of sheer wilderness and magnificence. The oldest and most famous park situated in Northern Ontario, this park offers a wide array of adventure trails on which you can take off on your own. Choose from overnight backpacking trails, short walking trails, bicycle trails, cross country ski trails in the winter, and dog sledding trails. The list is endless, the journey exciting, and the experience completely worth it.

Named after a seventeenth century explorer, the Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park offers exciting options if water is your medium of choice. Apart from canoeing, if conquering the rapids, hiking to the summit for breathtaking view of the valleys, or just swimming in a moonlight lake at night to wash away your days glorious adventures excites you then the Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park is the next adventure trip you should take up in Northern Ontario.

Northern Ontario is so abound in natures rich bounty that writing about the plethora of possibilities regarding adventure might just take a lifetime. The best advice we can offer you is that you should find your own adventure trail and begin your quest to discover what it has to offer. Oh and get ready to be blown away: Northern Ontario has a lot more to offer than you could have ever imagined.