Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Bed rugs and beyond

Here's an item that is bound to be considered unusual by some - the bed rug. When you think about it though, it begins to make a little more sense. For one thing, you may want to put down several rugs around your bed to give it some definition and set it off from the rest of the room.

Bed rugs are a bit different in that you have the opportunity to use them to express yourself more in this room then you might in a living room or kitchen, areas that might be designed more conservatively for entertaining and such. But the bedroom is "your" room, and as such, you have free reign to express yourself in all manner of texture, style and design.

A few things to consider while choosing bed rugs for your room are style, color and design, as mentioned above, but don't forget about functionality too. You may want one on the side of the bed you get out of each morning, or you may want one at the foot of the bed to give the perfect compliment to a trunk you may have there.

If you have hardwood floors, bed rugs can be perfect way to start your day. What do I mean by that? if you choose a large rug - one big enough to go completely under your bed that still sticks out a few feet all the way around it, then you guarantee that you'll start the day right by having your first step of the day be on something soft and warm, as opposed to the hard, cold, often slippery hardwood floor.

Of course, there are other places in the bedroom where this type of rug might look appropriate. You may wish to add a matching rug to the dresser. Again, for those with hardwood floors, and mirrors attached to their dressers, this can greatly improve the quality of the time that you spend in front of it while dressing, or putting on makeup.

Though these rugs may cost a little more then some of their other counterparts throughout the house, they are still cheaper then having wall to wall carpet installed. The lower cost will allow you to make changes over time if the bed rugs wear out, or if you simply get tired of them and want to make a change.

Best of all, the wide variety of colors, textures, and styles involved make deciding on the perfect rug or rugs for you an interesting and often fun adventure.