Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Hormonal Adult Acne

Adult acne by its very nature is commonly considered as a hormonal disease. Certain studies have found out that hormones are responsible for the maturation of the oil glands in our skin, which cause the formation of acne when blocked on the hair follicle. It is with this concept that the term "hormonal adult acne" was coined.

The idea on the hormonal adult acne basically lies on the explanation that the hormones androgens, which are both present in males and females, cause acne to form as they stimulate the sebaceous follicles where the acne lesions usually starts. Although this is also true among teens, certain studies have noted a few of the typical sign of hormonal adult acne. One of those is basically the acne that comes and goes with the ebbs and flow of the menstrual cycle. According to some researches, this hormonal adult acne is generally caused in the body's hormonal balance. Aside from that, there is the hormonal adult acne that flares up during pregnancy, as well as the hormonal adult acne that caused by certain levels of emotional and physiological stress.

Hormonal adult acne is actually a serious skin condition that needs attention. With this fact, it is somehow important to note that since certain differences between the teenage acne and hormonal adult acne have emerged when it comes to the aggravating factors, the treatments that you might have used as a teenager will no longer be effective for your hormonal adult acne. Perhaps one of the supports for this is the fact that this time your acne is highly associated with a hormonal change, hence hormonal adult acne

In such case, the over-the-counter drugs could play a role in the treatment of hormonal adult acne. However, certain studies have claimed that over-the-counter products could not be enough to treat hormonal adult acne especially in women. Perhaps you will need to see a dermatologist who will provide you a thorough medical examination and in the end prescribe you an appropriate medical treatment. But for women who have an underlying disease of the ovaries, pituitary or adrenal glands, or diabetes, the hormonal adult acne should then be treated along with the appropriate specialist physician.

There are now a number of treatments for hormonal adult acne. The treatment options may involve the oral contraceptive pills, oral corticosteroids, and the anti-androgens. These hormonal adult acne treatments are highly noted for their strong properties and abilities to treat adult acne caused by hormones to certain stages. And, they are now available on the market for purchase.