Friday, June 4, 2021

The Economy of Yachting

Yachting is usually associated with wealth and luxury and with good reason. If you have a yacht or are thinking about buying one, that purchase is a way for you not only to reward yourself for great success but to make a statement about your success much as a good suit or a fine automobile might do. So while there may be "cheaper" ways to get some of the pleasures of yachting in less expensive boats or cutting corners, that is not why yachting has an appeal. The fact that it is a way to give back to yourself some of the rewards of your good work is part of the great thing about owning or even frequently chartering a yacht for a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

If you did keep detailed records, you may discover that some of the economies that the lifestyle you will enjoy onboard a yacht do in fact save some money. But that's not the point. The real economies of yachting have to do with economy of time, of bother and of the conservation privacy and peace and quiet.

Taking advantage of a personal yacht for your vacation or holiday travel has the effect of consolidating a luxury resort, a five star restaurant and a the most elegant limo service you can imagine all into one amazing location and doing all out on the most romantic and beautiful setting, the open sea. If you were already planning on going to an exotic location like the Greece or South America but you had a lot of locations you wanted to see and enjoy, there is a real economy to using a yacht to accomplish that goal because you will make your home on the yacht and not have to be constantly checking in and out of hotels and resorts and moving to the next destination.

This could result in a very real economy of funding but of far greater value is the economy of time and energy. When you have just a few days or weeks set aside for your holiday, the time you have tied up with relocating to a new hotel or resort has no vacation value to it at all. You are fussing with baggage, taxi cabs, hotel lobbies and clerks and the general madness of mankind which is exactly what you wanted to get away from to have some rest when you are on your precious time off from work.

A yacht is a natural moving resort. To go to the next city on your tour agenda, you simply let the skipper or pilot know that its time to go and then you just go to the deck and enjoy a margarita and watch the lovely scenery drift by as you are transported in complete comfort and luxury to the next stop for your holiday plans. In fact, if the trip might be a few hours, you can literally make arrangements for the transport to occur at night and sleep happily in your yacht bungalow and wake up ready to step off the yacht and start enjoying the next leg of your journey refreshed and happy.

The same convenience is there for your dining pleasure. You always have the freedom to go into one of the beautiful cities along your tour route and indulge yourself in the fine dining that is unique to that area. But because you have a chef and a full crew eager to serve you the finest of dining experience on board the yacht, you never have to be anxious or in haste about rushing into town for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In fact, you will want to give yourself the pleasure of taking your breakfast deck side in your pajamas and robe as you watch the other ships lazily drift by or the far away shore and you enjoy your favorite foods out there in the sea air.

By combining the ability to enjoy great meals, wonderful resort level accommodations, a crew who lives and breathes pampering you and the most relaxing way to travel from city to city and country to country possible, you are truly giving yourself the best economy possible. It is the economy of pleasure because your vacation is about relaxation and enjoyment as you have removed every reason for concern or anxiousness aboard your luxury yacht on the vacation of a lifetime.