Saturday, July 17, 2021

Adventure Tours in Indochina

Indochina or otherwise called the Indochinese Peninsula, is an area in Southeast Asia that lies roughly east of India and south of China. The culture of Indochina is influenced by both places that is why Vietnam attaches more to the Chinese influence while Cambodia, Laos and Thailand to Indian influence.

Indochina includes the territories of countries like Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam for the French Indochina, and Peninsular Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand for Mainland Southeast Asia. All these countries of Indochina offer diverse experiences for their beautiful places, natural settings, and historic culture.

There are also a lot of vacation activities to discover and explore that can be great adventures in the countries of Indochina, you can either go on culture and history trips, overland expeditions, walking and trekking tours, day trips and excursions, beach escapes and other adventurous holiday activities. You can find a vast array of adventure tours in Indochina through online travel agencies which can offer great deals and arrangements. They are the best way to get adventure tours in Indochina without the hustle of having to worry for places to see and things to do especially if it's going to be your first visit to the place.

Huong Viet Travel is one online agency that can arrange great travels and adventure tour in Indochina for places like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand. Here are some of their tours in the different places of Indochina:

Vietnam Sightseeing Tours
Ha Noi Stopover
These adventure tours in Indochina's naturally set country, Vietnam, gives you a three days and two night's experience of the local's lifestyle and visit to Hanoi, which has a thirty six year old quarter streets, water puppet shows, the Hoan Kiem Lake, the temple of Literature and a lot more.

Laos Sightseeing Tours
Vientiane Stopover
These adventure tours in Indochina are a three days two nights tour in Vientiane -Nam Ngum Lake. The tour is intended for those travelers who only have a short time to spend for their vacation but give enough enjoyment for cultural activities and beautiful landscapes.

Cambodia Sightseeing Tours
Impressive Cambodia
These tours' destination takes the capital city of Phnom Pah - Siem Reap which is a four days three nights tour and includes sightseeing through historical monuments and the world heritage of Siem Reap. Cambodia despite recent unstable history still maintains great charm and is still one of the best places to be in Indochina.

Myanmar Sightseeing Tours
Yangon and Surrounding Tour
These tours are four days and three nights and takes on Yangon -Bago, gives a visit to handicraft villages and colorful temples in the countryside.

Thailand Culture Tours
Experience of Thailand
These tours take you to the most classic trip through Thailand, with destinations in Bangkok, Phitsanuloke, Lampang, Chiangmai, and Chiang Rai. This will allow you to visit famous sites and totally experience Thailand.