Saturday, July 24, 2021

Boat Parts Wish List

Whether your boat is old or new, it's always fun to make improvements, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to boat parts. Boat parts and accessories can range from a new propeller to a spiffy boat cover and everything in between.

Boat parts can be broken down into categories so that wish list will be easier to create. Many boat owners start from the bottom of their boat and work their way up. For example, many start with anchor and docking needs. Is your anchor big enough, or too big? Do you have adequate rope for your docking needs? Moving right along, the cabin is usually the next part of the boat to be addressed. What kind of condition is it in?

Do you need a new coat of paint or varnish? Perhaps new seats, bunks or carpeting are in order, or perhaps a window treatment or two. Pillows, bedding and curtains add a splash of color to cabin interiors, as do carpeting or hardwood floors. The bathroom in the cabin is also a necessary item, but functional can also be attractive, to those with an eye to color and design.

Many boat owners don't like to leave their boat uncovered for long periods of time, as sunshine and harsher weather can cause damage to your boat upholstery. One of the most popular items on any boat parts wish list is a boat cover that will protect boat finishes and wood against inclement weather while dry-docked or floating in a marine slip.

Boat parts wish lists almost always contain engine parts or electronics. How about that new navigating system that's just become the hottest gadget on the market, or that GPS system that you've been eyeballing for so long? Seats, cushions, even a new steering wheel are boat parts that are always available in local boating parts supply stores. So is safety equipment, an absolute must on any boat, whether it's an aluminum dingy or a sixty-foot yacht.

Life vests, flotation devices and ropes should always be on board when you set out, and within visible and handy reach. Flares are also on the list of necessary boat parts that most captain's have handy, as well as spare engine parts like spark plugs, filters, gaskets, water pumps, alternators and screens. Boat parts can be anything from the starter to the trim and tilt system, and it's the boat owner's responsibility to make sure that all boat parts are maintained in good working order.

Depending on where you take your boat and whether or not it's used for fresh water or sea water recreation or sports, make sure that you have other necessary items that many people wouldn't consider a boat part on board. These items consist of extra clothing, rain gear and foul weather gear, in addition to a good supply of water when away from land more than a few hours. Boat parts such as navigation devices and electronics can make boating trips safer, and always, but always, let someone know where you're going and when you plan to be back.