Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Harmful Effects of Fireworks

Fireworks can be good to look at. However, if they are handled or used improperly, they could produce harmful effects. Each person should therefore be aware of those effects in order to effectively avoid them when handling fireworks.

Below are some of the harmful effects of fireworks.

1. They can cause injuries

- when mishandled, fireworks can cause injuries to humans and to pets. In fact, thousands are injured annually because of this. There are even cases where amputation is needed because of fireworks-related injuries.

2. They can cause fires

- care should be taken when lighting fireworks in places where there are highly-flammable materials. It also goes without saying that they should not be lit indoors and in grassy areas.

3. They contribute to air pollution

- fireworks use chemical compounds to produce different colors. However, large quantities of them can be harmful to human beings and to the environment. They should therefore be used only in reasonable amounts.

4. Can cause distress to animals

- it has been shown that animals, dogs in particular, feel distressed by the loud noises created by fireworks. While it cannot be avoided entirely, what pet owners can do is to hide pets in a room where the noise is the least audible. The debate on the harmful effects of fireworks still rages. While one camp pushes for a total ban of its use, a compromise can be made by regulating it. In doing so, the harmful effects of fireworks will be lessened by a great deal.