Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Fireworks Safety

The safety of using fireworks has been the subject of debates over the years. Annually, more than hundreds are injured because of fireworks, with some victims needing to have parts of their body amputated due to the power of the blast.

But injuries aren't the only concern when it comes to handling fireworks. Since fireworks are composed of highly-flammable materials, there is also the risk of them causing fire.

It is especially the case when they are poorly stored just like what happened in the Philippines in December 2007 when several stores selling fireworks were burned down because a firework was accidentally lit.

Because of these, several countries regulate the use of fireworks in their territory. In the United States for example, the use of fireworks is allowed although it is up to each state on how they will regulate the use of them.

The National Council on Fireworks Safety is a US-based organization that aims to promote fireworks safety. Below is a list of their advice in handling fireworks.

- Fireworks should not be lit indoors especially sparklers. Doing this is potentially hazardous to people and may cause fire when thrown into flammable materials or surfaces.

- Only persons who are over 12 are to be allowed in handling sparklers since these fireworks can cause injury if handled incorrectly.

- People shouldn't mix drinking alcohol and lighting fireworks. Drinking alcohol slows down a person's reaction time and could be dangerous when handling fireworks.

- Finally, people are told to use their common sense. A little bit of caution is also encouraged.