Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Bedtime Stories: Hypnosis for Children

How many times have we herd some rustling coming from the children's bedroom only to find-out that our kids are having sleeping problems or are wetting the bed. Fortunately for us, these issues can be addressed by using hypnosis for children.

There are more and more children who are feeling the effects of insomnia. In a 1997 survey, it showed results that there are 11 percent of children with ages 5 to 12 who cannot sleep well at night, 7 percent would wake up at the middle of the night, 17 percent would have difficulties waking up the next day and another 17 percent would feel extremely exhausted.

Insomnia among children is attributed mainly to night time fears and anxious dreams. These may be an effect of several factors like environmental aspects, consumption of alcohol or caffeine, or sometimes inadequate parental supervision. Children who sleep late of course tends to wake up late.

Hypnosis for children is used to help children relax or calm down before bedtime. In contrast of what is widely known, you do not have to be asleep to be affected by hypnosis. You should be unconscious but into deep state of relaxation. The subconscious would be more receptive to suggestion during this period. There are programs where the hypnotherapists would give your suggestions which would eliminate stress and other negative energy preventing you to get a restful street.

After entering a deep relaxed state, it is important to address the reason behind restlessness at night. Resolving insomnia with hypnosis also involves you to look into your habits and change your nightly ritual which would help you to quickly fall asleep soundly.

There are also visualization in which the mind can be trained to flush out all thoughts and feeling that brings anxiety and stress preventing you to be at peace and at ease when on your own bed. There are also hypnosis insomnia which encourage patients to listen to CD or watch DVD.

About bedwetting, one out of three children wet the bed at age six. While there are about 2 to 10 percent of teenagers who still wet the bed from time to time. Unresolved, bedwetting can even lead to more severe problems as they grow older.

Hypnosis can also be used to resolve bedwetting problems. There are several CDs where children could listen to stories especially befitting their situations. Some parents discover that aside from removing bed wetting problems, children also started to have:

- Appreciate themselves more
- Discover unique abilities
- Deal with sadness in a healthier manner
- Handle criticisms very well
- Achieve a feeling of well being and in control

Most of the type the hypnosis method for children used is in gentler forms, most of the hypnotherapists use the "blow away technique". They blow away emotions and fears which prevent them from sleeping or wetting the bed.

Of course there is something much better than hypnosis for children, prevention is still the top action that you can do. Instead to giving them lectures and getting angry because of wetting the bed, focus more on the success they have done previously for staying dry overnight. Remind them to go or relive themselves in the bathroom before going to bed and also limiting the liquid intake two hours before going to bed.