Thursday, November 18, 2021

Choosing a Florist for Your Wedding

The florist that you choose for your wedding may play a significant role in your wedding so it is important to choose your florist wisely. Just a few areas where the florist plays a role in the wedding include the bouquets that are carried by the bride and her bridesmaids, the flowers carried by the flower gift the flowers the groom and his ushers wear in their lapels and the flowers that decorate the ceremony locations. In addition to all of that the florist may also design center pieces for the tables at the reception and decorate the cake with fresh flowers. The use of flowers throughout the ceremony and reception makes it critical that the couple exercise caution and choose a competent and creative florist.

One of the most effective ways to choose a florist for your wedding is to find a florist who is recommended by a trusted friend or family member. Wedding planners and others in the wedding planning industry may have a vested interest in recommending a particular florist for your wedding but a friend or family member makes their recommendations simply because they were happy with a previous performance by the florist. If you have been to a number of weddings in your area and were pleased by the floral arrangements you may want to consider contacting the host of that wedding to find out who they used as their florist. When it comes to choosing a florist, previous performance is the best indication of how the florist will perform in the future.

While the aesthetic appeal of the flowers is important, price will also likely factor into your decision to choose a particular florist. It is important to establish a budget for flowers before you meet with potential florists for your wedding. When you do meet with them get a detailed estimate and discuss what is included in the estimate that they have provided. It is also important to find out if there are any additional fees that have not been included in the estimate such a delivery charges and set-up fees. If possible try to negotiate having these fees incorporated into the estimate to avoid any unexpected charges.

It is also important to consider whether or not the florist specializes in weddings. A florist who regularly completes arrangements specifically for weddings is much more likely than another florist to be aware of everything that is involved with being a wedding florist. They will not only know all that is required of them but they will also likely have established relationships with local venues.

Another important consideration in choosing a wedding florist is how much support they are willing to offer. Some florists may simply deliver the flowers to the destination and will not take care of setting up the flowers. You will want to find a florist that is willing to send a representative along with the delivery to ensure that the flowers are set up correctly and that they look fresh and attractive. It is ideal to have your florist remain onsite throughout the wedding and reception to ensure that there are no issues with the flowers but if this is not possible you should have a florist onsite at the very beginning of the party as minimum.

The delivery system employed by the florist is also important in determining whether or not to choose a particular florist for your wedding. Many florists employ independent contractors to take care of their delivery needs. The delivery person drives their own vehicle and operates independently from the florist. While this situation may work out very well for the florist, it could be the recipe for disaster at your wedding. It is important to remember that if the delivery personnel are driving their own vehicles then it is likely that the florist does not have a backup vehicle in case something happens to the delivery truck. However, if the florist employs their own delivery personnel who drive company supplied vehicles then the florist most likely has a contingency plan for when a vehicle breaks down.

Choosing a florist for your wedding is very important. Seeking opinions of friends and family members is one of the most effective ways to choose a qualified florist. Careful review of recommendations is another important step in choosing a florist as is understanding their payment structure.