Wednesday, December 29, 2021

How to Choose Historical Areas to Visit in Paris

This article is patterned for all you history buffs with insight that opens your mind to all areas of life, including visiting the grave. If you are interesting in learning and reliving Paris's uncivilized history, and don't mind visiting the dead, you must check out Paris's Les Catacombs. The tunnels are not suited for everyone, only for those with an open mind to see what it is like to walk in the grave and visit the dead. The tunnels have a disturbing, yet unique pattern of bones and skulls, fashioned to bring the dead back to life.

Some people feel that visiting Les-Catacombs in Paris is a waste of time. Yet, the Opinionists fail to realize that historical buffs see things in a new light. At Les-Catacombs, you will pay an entry fee of five French dollars.

Areas around Paris, during the late 1800s discouraged the average person, since its history of overpopulated cemeteries and deceased souls made the area, one of Paris's uncivilized environments. The area was filled with filth. For this reason the councils of the Parisians transferred the deceased to the tunnels of Les-Catacombs. In this, tunnel the bones of millions of dead souls rest. Parisian counsels of France transferred the bones, piling them in various areas around the tunnel. The skull of these dead people are piled in areas of the tunnel, and put together in reverse/front fashion. The bones are disturbing to many, since these dead peoples structures were fashioned in a way that it appears as faces and transverse structures, i.e. in the shape of crosses.  

Throughout the tunnels are spiral stairways. Once you begin walking down the stairs, you will spot eye sockets of the deceased. The tunnels become present as you continue down the stairs. As you continue down the stairs and into the dirt tunnels, you are approaching the graves of many deceased souls, which at this point you cannot turn back. Since underground tunnels and graves are chilling you, want to make sure that you wear proper attire to keep you warm. Keep in mind you will get residue of the deceased on you. If this bothers you, perhaps you can wear attire that shields your clothes and flesh.

Throughout the walk, you will notice the walls. The walls are filled with plagues, yet observers say that the information is written in French. This makes sense, since the tunnels were designed in the 1800s. In view of the fact, you may want to learn a bit of French before visiting the tunnel. Ultimately, if you have a French interpreting, or friend who speaks French, take him/her with you.

NOTE: Because people have stolen bones from the tunnels, as you return to the starting point, the staff will inspect your bags.

How to decide if Les-Catacombs is right for you or your children:
Les-Catacombs is not intended for people who fear closed areas, underground arenas, etc. If you have claustrophobia, perhaps you would enjoy visiting other attractions in Paris instead. Children into history, or intending to prepare a future in science, etc, may enjoy this experience, however most will feel threatened by the environment. Take care to consider your children's likes, explain first to them what they will visit, and ask the children if this is something they want to see.

The experience for children could be a learning experience that opens their eyes to the reality of death and graves. If your children cannot handle this however, or have emotional reactions easily, visit other attractions in Paris.

Where is Les-Catacombs located in France?

Les-Catacombs is at the first Place, Denfert-Rochereau. The tunnels are open Tuesday through Friday between 2pm and 4pm. On Saturday and Sunday, the tunnel is open from 2 pm to 4 pm also.