Sunday, March 6, 2022

Quality At A Cheap Price

There has never been a better time than now to have your audio book, music project, computer data, or CD-R business card duplicated. Unlike the days gone by, these processes are cheaper than ever before - even for those on a budget.

Over the last several years, the costs of blank CDs have dropped quite a bit. The retail chains such as Office Max, Staples, and Best Buy run specials on blank CDs where you can purchase a 50 CD-R spindle for under $20. You can even find similar deals on Froogle, such as a 50 pack spindle of blank CD-R disks for less than $12.

Those interested in CD duplication at home, will find that many of the newer computers come packages with a CD burner included at prices under $500. If you already own a computer and want to add an internal CD burner, several retailers have brands for under $50. You can also purchase an external CD burner for all your needs for under $100.

Making cheap duplications of CDs even more affordable are the powerhouses such as DiscMakers, Oasis, and CDman, all of whom specialize in duplicating large quantities of CDs at low prices. Not only do these powerhouses offer superior quality at a great price, but they also give great deals on graphics, CD inserts, and jewel cases as well.

With cheap prices, you can get everything you need at a price you can't argue with. If you've copied CDs in the past, you can quit paying high costs and save yourself a ton of money. Those who offer CD duplication at a cheap price are great at what they do - saving you a ton of money for your CD duplication needs.